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Datacard does not write allready written attributes to model?

Question asked by Arto Kvick on Jun 8, 2012
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Here's the case.


We have outside Engineer, that has modelled a part for us (they are not using our PDM). We check it in, give info to the part on datacard and file properties are filled in during checkin.


Now the outsider send another version of his work. We check out the SW part from our system -> rename the new part to match the filename of the PDM -version. Just copy -paste replace the old with the new. Now the file does not have any custom properties. I did assume, that SolidWorks would write the datacard content to the model once checked in, but NO. It seems that Attributes (file properties) are only written, if they are changed.


Ofcourse we can get around this by giving access to the outside engineer to the PDM or just sending him back the file we initially check in, but is there way I can mark the datacard values as "dirty" so that SW would write them again to the model?