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    Copying sketch to Plane Why does it flip it?

      I haven't had any success with copying and pasting sketches, since they never seem to go where I want them to go, but I have found a better way to work it out. If you have a plane parallel to the original sketch plane, then open a new sketch on the plane where you want the copy. Now, go over to the feature management tree on the left and find the sketch that you want to copy. Select it, and it will change color in your part window. Leave it selected and go over to the command toolbar and pick "convert entities" which is the little cube with one edge darkened. It will create a copy of the original sketch on the new sketch plane. It will be projected directly above the original position.
        • Copying sketch to Plane Why does it flip it?
          Depending on how the plane is created, its co-ordinate system can be created the opposite of the plane or surface the sketch was created on. I know of no way around this. However SolidWorks 2007 may have the ability. I played with it alittle during beta testing. Unfortunately, my work load does not allow me time right now to use it.
          • Copying sketch to Plane Why does it flip it?
            Could someone tell me how to copy and paste a sketch onto another plane so that Solidworks doesn't paste it as a mirrored object on the new plane above the old one?
            Here's what I did, probably wrong..

            I drew an arc (180 degree) on a top plane, when I went to copy and paste it on a new plane above the top plane, when I paste it it's ass backwards. What did I do wrong? I'm extremely new to Solidworks so be gentle, when I was doing an eval I had this problem and couldn't figure out how to correct it. I just bought 2007 this evening and would like to know how to do it right when it comes. Any pointers greatly appreciated.
            • Copying sketch to Plane Why does it flip it?
              Go ahead and paste the sketch. Then use "modify sketch" to get the orientation you need.

              If modify sketch refuses to work, there is an old trick to mirror a sketch: right-click on the pasted sketch and use "edit sketch plane" to move the sketch to a plane that is roughly perpendicular to the original sketch plane, and roughly parallel to the imaginary mirror line. Do it again to put the sketch on the plane you actually wanted, and it should be flipped.
              • Copying sketch to Plane Why does it flip it?
                Thanks everyone for posting, I'm still waiting for my cd's so I can't test any of your suggestions yet, but Thanks for when they do show up.
                One thing I was doing to get my upper plane was hold down the ctrl key and with my mouse select the top plane and drag it upwards when it turned yellow to create a new plane. That new plane is where I was attemting to paste my sketch. I don't know if the way I was creating that plane was screwing something up or not?
                • Copying sketch to Plane Why does it flip it?
                  This has ALWAYS been a issue for as long as I can recall and has wasted more time amoung users who are confused with why/how/what/where to resolve a simple problem which has never been addressed.
                  SW Corp does not see it as one but clearly it is.
                  So,..... do they listen to the users???????
                  • Copying sketch to Plane Why does it flip it?
                    Would convert entities do what you want? See SolidWorks help
                    "convert, entities" for info. Also may want to look at "offset, entities".

                    This may be an alternate solution to do what you need.


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