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    Problem with bearing load

    Nathan Sanko

      I'm having issues defining bearing load.  The error says "Z axis of coordinate system must be coincident with the axis of the cylindrical faces".  The cylindrical faces were built from the z axis of the coordinate system....so we can't figure out why the error is occuring.  This was an imported model.  When we quickly built a "donut" test model, it worked fine.  Any help would be appreciated.

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          Kevin Corr

          It may have been built from the z axis but it was then exported and imported prior to making the user defined coordinate system. That may have caused a misalignment of the temporary axis and the bore face. Did the solid Import? If so, I might try filling in the imported bore and cutting the bore again in solidworks.

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            Doug Landers

            Ha ha, it's only 14 months late, but if you construct a point at the center of the circle/arc of the hole, then add a coordinate system there, use the coordinate system after selecting the surface of the hole to apply the bearing load. With the two items selected, enter the direction and value.


            Creating the coordinate system is necessary, for whatever reason, but when I do that on a similar problem it works. Without it, you get the same answer you explained above.