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Custom Property in Design Table

Question asked by Mark Wysock on Jun 7, 2012
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I am running SW2012 SP3.0.  I have a design table for a screw with hundreds of configurations.  I created a custom property in the design table, $PRP@Manufacturer, but spelled it wrong in the design table the first time, $PRP@Manufactuer.  So changed it to the correct spelling, but now in the File>Properties>Configuration Specific, it has both.  How can I get the incorrectly spelled custom property to go away?  I only have $PRP@Manufacturer (correctly spelled) in the design table.  So, shouldn't the design table update the configuration specific properties.  I have attached my design table. 


Also,  I cannot get the Manufacturer column in my BOM to be populated with the data I have under the $PRP@Manufacturer column in the design table.