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Bunch of ideas for enhancement requests - Your opinion?

Question asked by Jeffrey Anderson on Jun 7, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by Erik Bilello

I have a bunch of ideas for enhancement requests, but I want to know other users' opinions on them.


Enhancement 1 - When inserting an existing component, the only place you can select the configuration of the component you are inserting is in the file selection window.  I would like a pull-down menu in the insert component dialog (on the right when you're inserting parts) to allow selection of a configuration.  This would also allow you to change the configuration of the part you are inserting.


Enhancement 2 - Temporarily pin parts that you are going to insert multiple times in various assemblies.  Lets say you have a new part that you are adding into a bunch of similar assemblies, you have to browse to the folder it is in everytime you go to insert it.  I am working a lot on assemblies and this is time consuming.


Enhancement 3 - This might be more of a service request, but in the tool box insertion, how about if we can choose the fastener before the location.  Like they just did for creating hole features.  Also, when I drag a part into the assembly, the mate references don't always work. the mate reference also doesn't work if you are inserting a bolt into a hole that is behind a slot.


Enhancement 4 - I would like a better tool for constraint analysis.  Sometimes I have nearly 500 parts in an assembly and I am not sure all the parts are fully constrained.  I understand that a ( - ) symbol will appear next to the part if it is not fully constrained.  On fasteners though, I don't care if they are rotationally constrained.  But if I have a faster that has only one constraint I would like to know so it doesn't come out.  Maybe a level of constraint indicator would be sufficient like a (1) for one constraint and (2) for two constraints.  It would be nice to have a tool that you could hit and it would determine where a constraint may be missing.  Sort of like interference detection tool, or the draft analysis tool, where you can go through 1 by 1 and add missing mates.


Enhancement 5 - Allow selection of exploded view without having to first select the parent configuration.  I am constantly having to hop from exploded view to exploded view, and don't like having to first select the parent view, then select the exploded view.


Enhancement 6 - I suffer from tendonitis.  One of the things that I found that aggravates it the most is the drag and dropping.  Maybe they could insert an option in the tools menu where you can click both the left and the right button to grab something, and then click them again to drop it.  Holding a finger down while moving the forearm is a terrible motion for tendonitits. Plus, for those of you who don't have a 3d mouse, this might enable you to zoom in and out while "holding" the part.  I found that a 3d mouse makes it easier to zoom in and out when you can't otherwise.


Enhancement 7 - Exploded sketches need some serious improvement. I am constantly having to rework exploded sketches.  If you swap components, it doesn't always recognize surfaces, maybe a tool to reattach the points, like the mate tool when you replace one component with another. Also, if you have a screw in that inserts into a parent part, and then you move that parent part in a subsequent exploded step (in a direction other than in  the direction the screw), the exploded line doesn't always stay attached to the parent part and throws all sorts of errors.  I have already put in an enhancement request to have it so that in a display state if a component is hidden, so is the exploded line sketch going to that part.  And lastly, I wish there was an option to select an entire exploded line sketch from one component to another, and delete it.  Oh, and if you delete a part, have it delete the exploded line sketch that goes to that part.  They may need to change exploded line sketch so that you have a parent part and an exploded part so that it knows which part is a parent, and which is an exploded part.  The ability to add arrows on the either or both ends (like 3dvia) of an exploded line sketch might be cool too.


Enhancement 8 - Smart balloon enhancement - I don't like having to select which side the qty text goes on for each balloon, every time.  I would like to have the option for it to put it opposite of the line going to the part (left or right), and lately, they seem to be switching on me? Maybe that is because I went from SW2011, to SW2012.


Enhancement 9 - This would be cool, but it may require a lot of memory.  I would like to be able to rotate a view of a part in the drawing.  Not just rotate it in the plane.  But have a mode where you can select a view and rotate it like you were rotating it in the part or the assembly.  How many times have you put an exploded view in a drawing and can't quite see some of the components, so you go back to your assembly and rotate it so you can see it, then save a view, and then go back to the drawing and change the view to your saved view.  (I think it will update if you name the saved view after one you already created).  Obviously, I think it would be a special mode, because we wouldn't want to accidently grab a view and rotate it - it's already bad enough that views get dragged around on accident all the time. Thismight be a little too pie in the sky.


There you go - 9 enhancements that might save me some time.  How about you?