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Time-Dependent Analysis

Question asked by jerry towne on Jun 7, 2012
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Dear Flow Simulation Forum Members,


I have read the help files and am not sure if I am setting up my problem correctly.   My problem is as follows:


I want to pulse a surface heat source; on for 3 seconds and off for 7 seconds.  I want to simulate one hour of operation or until the solid temperature has reached steady state.


I have set up the problem as follows:


General Settings:

      Time Dependent: checked


Calculation Control Options:

     Finish Tab:

           Finish Conditions:

                Maximum Physical Time:



Heat Sources:

     Surface Source:


                Dependency: f(x)

                    Dependency type: F(time) - table

                         Table of values:

                              value t          Toggle

                                   0 s          On

                                   3 s          Off

                                   10 s        On


Does this correctly simulate the pulsing of my surface source 3s on, 7s off, for 1 hour?


Thank you,