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    Example documents, for OpenGL 3D stress testing? (student design kit)

    Dale Mahalko

      I am testing Solidworks to see if our computing technology can handle it, or if we're going to have to purchase new OpenGL graphics cards to have acceptable performance.


      I've obtained a trial of the Student Design Kit. I'm looking around for examples in the program install directory, but I'm not finding anything really seriously complex.


      Are there any highly complex assemblies available for the student edition, with gear teeth, piping, wiring, circuit boards, etc, that I can use for "live frames per second panning/zooming/rotation" benchmark tests?

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          Anna Wood

          Why not let us know what you have for computer hardware, in detail, and what you plan to create in SolidWorks.  Then we can give advice on if we think it will be adequate.


          There are plenty of users here who can give you opinions on your hardware based on their real world use of SolidWorks.


          Based on your question I am assuming that you have either been using a 2D cad package and are transitioning to 3D.  Or are you transitioning from SolidWorks from another 3D cad package?