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How to determine who is using Network License of Floworks?

Question asked by Tim Turpin on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by Rich Bayless

We have 1 seat of Floworks on a separate network license shared by a number of engineers.  What is the best way to determine who is currently using the license?  If you turn Floworks add-in on and it is in use, you get message stating could not obtain license.  When you go to the license admin it shows the license as  in-use but does not state who or on what computer unlike the Solidworks admin which does show who and what computer.


Is there a way to determine who is using license?


Currently we send out email to group of engineers asking for who is using license and how long they will be on.  It would be nice to just contact the current user.


Any help or suggestions?


Thanks, Tim...