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References lost

Question asked by Sharline Fitch on Jun 6, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2012 by Sharline Fitch

Assembly references are not found when opening assemblies over the network after

updating the references and saving. "Cannot edit file reference.

-open dwg

-dropped references

-SolidWorks asks us if we want to find the part and we say yes

-SolidWorks directs us to some odd place (not where the file is located on the server)

-we open the folder which holds the dwg,part and assembly

-we click on part

-dwg still doesn't recognize part....


This is the problem that was presented to me, I suggested that they rebuild the dwg

(very time consuming- and I almost got beat up) then I suggested that they re-open the file update and save

them in the original directory and re-copy to paste back into the network...


our company works on their own C:drives, they copy and past the whole completed project folder onto the network as a sub folder.


We found that when a file is opened on the network it kicks back to the last file opened on the users

C:drive not the drive that the project is in on the network...does anyone have any help to offer?