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Constrained assembly parts moving/shaking when the model is rotated

Question asked by Scott Lefebvre on Jun 5, 2012
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2019 by X. Men

Hey, so there are two different models I have that whenever I rotate the assembly the constrained parts within the assembly shake around. When I stop rotating the model to select a part the parts are always slightly misaligned despite being constained. In picture 1 below you can see the nut which is supposed to be coincident on the washer has sunken into washer and the stud doesnt appear to be concentric with the nut which it is mated to be. When I place the assembly that shakes into another assembly the model rotates normally again. I can have multiple assemblies open but there are only two .sldasm files that have done this so far.


I have:

-Started and restarted Solidworks 2012 SP3

-The most recent Solidworks approved nVidia Drivers for my quadro 4000

-My performance settings are the same for every file


Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!