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    can't find max stress

    Bulent Kalafat

      Hi all,


      I can't find the maximum stress in my study for an anchor. I did the same study with the same setup except for the force applied for a size smaller anchor and everything went as expected.


      This time though I'm having trouble finding where the max stress is located. (please see attached picture) I've looked all around the assembly and the closest color to red is green. (I AM color blind but I am pretty confident this has nothing to do with that).


      Does anyone have an idea what may be going on or what I should try to locate the max stress in the shank?


      Could this be because I have fixed all the other components of the assembly? (I'd like to think not since I did the same for a size smaller anchor and was able to find the max stress, which was right near the base of the shank along the edge)

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          Chris Fernald

          You can check a box which will identify the node with the max plot value (in your case von mises).  Right click on the plot in the results folder of your study -> click "Chart Options" -> check the second box down called "Show max annotation".  A box should pop up on your plot showing were the max stress is. 


          Typically if the max doesn't make sense, it will be boundary condition related.

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            Chris Fernald

            If you need the max stress within a component that is not the max stress of the whole assembly, you can right click on the study and go to "Probe" -> Click the button for "On selected entities" -> click the faces of the part in question -> click "Update".  A list of nodal stress values will pop up and you can click the top of the column to sort by value.  Select the row with the highest value and a box will show up in the graphics window showing you where that node is located. 


            Just note that this will only show you the max for the faces you selected.  You can probably select all the faces in one shot since it looks like a fairly simple part.  Just check to make sure that max value matches the 75,784.6 ksi at the top of your color bar.