Design Lib VS PDMWorks Best Practices??

Discussion created by Guest on Mar 7, 2006
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2008 by Rodney Hall
I seem to have a challenge on my hand. When we design with SolidWorks many times we are using down loaded vendor parts. I am trying to figure out a best practice.

- We can download the part save it into the design lib with the file name being the Part number. (This method makes it difficult to se description)

-We can download the file and save the file into the design lib with file name being description and set part number in the configuration properties to user specified or configuration name. (This method makes it difficult to see part number)

-We could store in PDMWorks project folder and abandon the design lib. for these kind of parts.

What ever method we seem to choose we find short comings. I am curious to what other people are doing to handle this.

Side note: I think our problem would be solved if the design library had functionality that would split view which displays the part file and in a separate column a custom property