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glass bottle and pale translucent liquid inside - how to render on a blackbackground so the liquid still shows and doesnt go black?

Question asked by Anna B on Jun 4, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2012 by Emer Caughfield

Hi guys,


I'm very new to solidworks (only had it about a month) so am not very good with it at all.


I have created a glass bottle with liquid inside it which is a very pale pink, translucence about 60%


It all looks great on a final render when it has a white or light gray background but id love to have it on a black background.


However when i tried this, the liquid just wouldn't show? I've changed a few light settings and now the liquid looks neon which i also do not want, so obviously something's too bright now.


I'm sure its all in the light balance but I'm not sure what settings to change and which to leave alone?


Any ideas?