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    Merging tangent surfaces

    Thomas Sebastian

      I've been using Solidworks for a while now and have gotten quite good at maniuplating the program into doing what I want, even when the usual methods don't work. Still, I've been beating my head against a wall with this. In my current role, I use Solidworks to convert CAD models into solid geometries for CFD. Usually, the surfaces of these solid geometries have multiple faces... the edges of some of these faces are needed to define connectors when generating a grid for CFD. Some of these faces, however, result in  edges/lines that don't really need to be there... imagine a curved surfaces with a hole cut into it, then filled back in using Filled Surface with Tangent edge setting and Merge Result... now, there is a circle edge cluttering an otherwise smooth face. This can lead to headaches down the road when generating grids for CFD.


      Basically, I'd like to know how I can merge tangent surfaces into continuous surfaces. Knit surfaces doesn't do this, and in the earlier example I described where I filled in the hole using Filled Surface, even with Merge Result checked there remains a line/edge on the surface. Unfortunately, I cannot provide example files to illustrate the problem.