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Multiple library components can't use a shared .SLDPRT with configurations?

Question asked by Ryan Rutledge on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2012 by Ryan Rutledge

So I just picked up CircuitWorks this week and am getting close to being productive with it, but I have a couple issues, of which this is one:


I created 7 capacitor components with unique names like CAPC1608N (an 0603 capacitor), CAPC2012N (an 0805), etc. all pointing to the component filename CAP_SMD.SLDPRT. For each component, I selected the configuration name that corresponds to that package size. The preview window for each component showed the correct configuration so I thought all was well.


Next, I imported an ECAD file with over a dozen instances of CAPC1608N and a single CAPC2012N and see that all the components look to be about the size I expect - the 0603 caps are smaller than the 0805 cap. I select the assembly at the top of the CW tree and click build model. It does its thing, but when it's done I see that all my 0603 capacitors have been changed to 0805!


The 0805 package was at the bottom of the tree in CW, so my guess is that when it switched to that configuration it also switched for all instances of CAP_SMD.SLDPRT in memory. Does anybody else use configurations successfully in CW library components?


My workaround for now is to break out all my configurations into individual files (I should be able to script this part fairly easily) and re-link my library components to these new files (looks like I don't get to script this part). This works, but it's going to be a lot of additional work to get around this apparent bug in CircuitWorks because of the way I've modeled many components.



I set up multiple library components to reference a single .SLDPRT file's various configurations, but when CircuitWorks build the assembly it only uses one of the configurations for all the library components. Please advise.


Ryan R.