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New Hole Wizard standard - problem understanding data

Question asked by Keith Parker on Jun 1, 2012
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This is the first time I've done this so forgive...


I'm trying to create a new Hole Wizard standard for a special fastener (SW2012).  Ok, I've copied a Hole Wizard standard (ANSI Inch); I can edit it and my new standard appeaars in SW with my data.  Fine.


The problems is that there are three options for the 'Fit' in 'Hole Specifications' and none of these dimensions are in the database.  All I can enter in the database is the nominal diameter in the 'Diameter' column, so where do the hole diameter dims (for all three fits) come from as I need to define them (or ideally just one)?  See attachment for view of database columns...


Cheers, Keith


Edit Aargh!  Just spoke to my ever-helpful VAR and this is out as an SPR!  Can you believe it - you can create your own Hole Wizard standard but not enter all the data you need.  Come on SW please try harder.....