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Having trouble suppressing/un-suppressing parts in a pattern

Question asked by Mike McKeand on Jun 1, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by Mike McKeand

I've got an assembly with a number of sub assemblies in it.


I"ve created a number of configurations which are intended to show more parts as the assembly process moves along.


A bunch of the parts that I need to suppress/un-suppress (or show/hide) are in a pattern and aren't behaving as expected.


If I suppress a part in configuration A, it will also be off in configuration B.  If I then go and un-suppress it while in configuration B, and then go back to A, it's on.  It seems to stay in the last state I left it no matter which configuration I am in.


Is it something to do with the parts being inside of a pattern?  I don't want to suppress the pattern completely because there are other parts I need to leave shown.


Any help?