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Preferred position in a limited mate

Question asked by Pieter Aerts on Jun 1, 2012
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This is my first question here so i hope it's in the right place.

I created a 3 piece asembly (it containes more but that's not important now)

Two pieces are the cilinder and housing of a gasspring, and the third is a cover over the head of the cilinder.

The cilinder has a limited mate to the housing, And the cover has a limited mate to the cilinderhead.


But I want the cilinderhead to keep contact with the cover as long as posible. So when i compress the gasspring, the cover makes contact with the cilinderhead, and the cilinder goes all the way into the cilinderhousing.

When I decompress the cilinder by moving the cover away from the housing, the cilinder stays in the housing. After the maximum distance between cover and cilinderhead has been reached the cilinder starts moving.


I want to make a "preffered position" to one of the two mates. So that the gasspring will 'try' to stay as big as posible



With kind regards.

Pieter Aerts