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Saving custom weldments unable to

Question asked by Corey Takehara on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by Corey Takehara

Hey guys,


So i'm trying to create a custom weldment. I have it finished but for some odd reason when I go to save it as a .sldlfp and it tells me that it was unable to save because I do not have permission. So I figured I would have to right click on SW and run as administrator, but the command is not there. I'am trying to save the weldment to its own folder built into the weldments folder. I would assume that there is a way to get around this. I'm running SW 2012 prem. I must be doing something wrong in my process of saving. Should I just add a file path to it? My file path for my weldments is C: Program files/Solidworks Corp/ lang/ english/ weldment profiles/ansi inch. I looked into other posts on adding custom weldments but none that I noticed had problems saving.


Thanks in advance.