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Linear Actuator Motor in Motion Study Question

Question asked by Beau Freckleton on May 31, 2012
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I am working to make my model oscilate simply up and down as do a walk through video motion simulation. I have the camera to work but cannot seem to get the mechanism I designed to move using the linear actuator motor. I can move it free hand with the "move component" command without any collisions just fine. But when I play the 15 second video with the yellow line showing my motor "on" the mechanism only moves about .1 mm then stops. I have the speed set to 1mm/sec but my timeline is 15 sec. My mechanism is basically a sarrus mechanism that I want to simulate moving up and down. I think my problem is where I am putting the motor at, currently I have it placed as simply pushing on the top of the sarrus. Should I put something int the "move relative too" box? Any help would be appreciated. I probably can't attach a picture of what I am working on but a basic sarrus mechanism pic can be seen on Wikipedia search "sarrus mechanism", my model looks nearly identical to that.

Thanks so much!