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Re: Extruded cuts in assemblies vs. part mode

Question asked by Bruce Harter on May 31, 2012
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I have an assembly (weldment) which has raw material incorporated within the model. I have varying assembly lengths, which in turn causes me to create different cut depths based on the required finished assembly length. Cuts had been previously accomplished using revolve, but it is my intention to make the cut with simpler geometry (extruded circular cut).

I see that in part mode I must have (8) choices for cut parameters - Blind, Through All, Up To Next, Up To Vertex, Up To Surface, Offset From Surface, Up To Body, Midplane. In assembly mode I only have (3) choices - Blind, Through All, Midplane. Why haven't the programmers included parity between the two different extruded cut applications? I would very much like to have an "up to plane" selection capability incorporated within the assembly cut operations. Thoughts / Comments?