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Linear Motor direction via Planes?

Question asked by Brad S on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by Vikram Vedantham

1st post from me as I've switched into a role using hands-on SW more than I have for years and I'm finding despite SW help, my experience and intuition, some things just don't work first time This one seems too simple to not work - so I've registered here to ask about it - looks like a useful forum.


In the component direction section of adding a linear motor to a Motion Study, I can't seem to select the assembly planes (Front, Top, Right) in SW2010 .I've attached a screenshot of a simplified example showing my issue. I want to obtain horizontal or vertical motion in a model that doesn't have any faces constrained to that direction. So in the direction section in this model, for up/down I can select the cylinder top face. But for left/right and fwd/back, I should be able to choose Front (or Right), to move the cylinder.

Am I missing something and you can select the x axis/front plane? If not, how do you do this (without creating unused surfaces)?


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PS I will add IMO the help is generally unhelpful. It neglects to tell the user what fields in the interface will/won't let you do. Google/colleagues/training is required more than should be strictly necessary.