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capping an extruded surface

Question asked by Larry Davis on May 30, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Rob Edwards

A very specific question here: When extruding a surface, can I cap BOTH ends of my surface WITHOUT extruding any distance at all in "direction 2?"


I can easily extrude one direction and cap the end of the extrusion. I DO NOT WANT to extrude the other direction AT ALL.  I would like the surface to to be capped at the beginning of the extrusion (in my case, the sketch plane).


In proe this is as easy as clicking a box for "cap ends" but SW appears to have made it overly complex. I can only cap one end.


And, yes, I tried extruding in Direction 2 a distance of 0.0 and capping the end. Not allowed.


(I've also heard that if you cap both ends, it automatically solidifies the extrusion, which is another example of SW deciding what you want instead of letting you decide what you want. Annoying.)