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Exclude from BOM, does not stay excluded

Question asked by Matthew Mosher on May 30, 2012
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2019 by Glenn Schroeder

I've run into an issue where I have an Assy that I need to make a drawing where it would be better to show as a Parts Only BOM and have to manually insert additional lines for few specific assy's.


The problem I ran into was that while in the Assy Model, the item would not stay excluded for some reason after saving and closing the file. I was picking parts both at the top level and parts inside of sub-assy's and checking their exclude from BOM box and everything seemed fine, as long as I did not close the file. Upon re-opening the file the item would not show as excluded anymore. I repeated this several times and the exclude box would clear after I closed the file even after repeated save and save-as.


This is in an attempt to avoid having to do a top-level only BOM and manually inserting a number of parts into the BOM. Many of these parts are in Sub-Assy's but due to client requirements for our drawing want what equates to a mixed Top-Level and Parts Only BOM.