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da plane, da plane!!  where did the planes go?

Question asked by Kenneth Westby on May 30, 2012
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No this isn't Fantasy Island, but for some of you this might be an easy one, but it frustrates the devil out of me.  We were on SW 2010 SP4 for quite a while.  SW 2011 didn't offer us much in the way of enhancements so we didn't put it on.  Then 2012 came out and we decided to go with it once SP2 was out.  Well now we have it installed, and when we are in the assembly mode the hi-lighted planes have vanished.  Remember a couple versions ago when you could wave the mouse pointer over the part tree when applying mates and if you waved over a plane the plane would hi-light?  Well it don't no more.  Out of twelve installations of the same software on the same work stations we have one work station that still does it.  The difference between his and mine is his nVidia display driver from the SW site is  7/14/2009.  Mine is  2/9/2012.  All of the other machines have a mix of the two drivers.  So that doesn't give me a warm and fuzzy feeling about changing drivers back three years.

This sure makes putting assemblies together a tad longer than it used to.  Thanks for the help.