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Checking into PDMW, trying to have drawings attached

Question asked by Ryan Moore on May 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2012 by Joseph Ankers

I am trying to do a bulk check into PDM works. If I have the assembly open, I can go check it in like normal by right clicking in the proper project file in the vault. I click to check in active document.  I then try clicking the button down below that indicates to find and include associated drawings. However, nothing happens when I do this. I figured its a directory issuethat it can look in the proper place on my hard drive to search for the right files. In my vault properties I can go check the box to include drawings and I added a search folder but then it wants to do a long drawn out process when I click to check in....and I dont necesarly want it to include drawings everytime...It has worked beforre in the past but I had to reload PDM and lost my previous settings...Any help would be appreciated....I also have a question what if I am doing bulk check in through the admin tool, can it automatically find any referenced drawings from the assembly? I can manually drag them over to be added but I like the idea of only adding the referenced documents.