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    motion manager disappeared

    Nathan Rollins



      I think the little box that pops up when you hit the space bar is called the "Motion Manager" - right?  Well, mine doesn't show up anymore.  If I toggle it using "View>Motion Manager" the screen shifts ever so slightly - like it was redrawing a toolbar or something.  But the dialog is nowhere to be found.


      Is there a way to force it to a location that I can see - or implement the equivalent of "Alt-Spacebar-M" and move it on to the screen?  I have a feeling that is is showing up somewhere off screen - possibly a plague of using multiple monitors at multiple sites of multiple screen sizes...





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          Deepak Gupta

          Nathan Rollins wrote:


          I think the little box that pops up when you hit the space bar is called the "Motion Manager" - right?


          Usually the spacebar shortcut is for the "View Orientation", so check you keyboard shortcut under Tools > Customize > Keyboard tab.


          View Orientation.PNG


          Also check if solution by Adam works for you: https://forum.solidworks.com/message/293752#293752

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            Nathan Rollins

            (The problem was that when I hit the space bar, the Orientation window that normally comes up did not show its face.  I could not get the Orientation window to open via any method - i.e. view>modify>orientation )




            Not a fun one...  It is a registry hack given to me by a VAR.  Apparently, the dialog for orientation went missing (? - maybe due to multiple screens, on/off dock, VGA port somewhere, then Display Port elsewhere, different size and orientation of second monitor... etc)  Anyway, the registry hack was to rename a key and re-launch SW.  It reset ALL of my settings to default.  If you have not done it recently (or ever) I HIGHLY recommend you back up your custom settings right now - it is so easy and it could potentially save you a lot of headache.


            start>programs>solidworks>solidworks tools>copy settings wizard