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Pattern on a Spline

Question asked by Roy MacLean on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by Andy Birko

I have created a flat part, let's say it is a piece of steel plate.  One edge of this plate has been defined with a spline because it is not a plain geometric shape.  I have then created a sketch on the surface of the plate.  In that sketch I have create a shape that I want to Cut Extrude through the plate.  So far, one cut-out, no problem.  Next I want to pattern that cut-out, following the splined edge. 


First off, is it possible to pattern anything along a spline?  If the answer is yes, what's the best way to approach this?  I have been trying to create the pattern in the sketch, then Cut Extrude the entire sketched pattern in one shot.  I'm really struggling with this and I cannot get it to work. 


Should I be trying to Cut Extrude one of these features first and then later pattern that cut-out feature?      I've been trying that too, but SW won't let me select the spline as the path to follow for the pattern.  If I could select the spline for my path, I would like to follow or maintain the alignment of the seed.