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EPDM Causing Slowdowns in Solidworks

Question asked by Matt la Croix on May 30, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 10, 2012 by Matt la Croix

Okay, so this problem has been going on intermittently for months now.


What happens is Solidworks performance slows to a crawl when doing simple tasks like

accessing a menu, editing a feature etc. when the users are working with parts in

the vault. This problem is occuring randomly, at various times of the day and with many

users logged into the vault or as few as one person logged in.


Our VAR has been of little help and keeps pointing us back to the network but IT cannot

find any issues with the network. We have checked the server and it is not running out

of memory or storage.


The error in the client and archive server log shows a database link failure.




db link failure.jpg


So far the only remedy has been to reboot the server, but with 50 engineers working on

multiple projects, the down time and loss productivity of the slow downs is costing us a



Has anyone experienced this behaviour before?


We're also willing to bring in a consultant to investigate if anyone knows of one.