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How to flatten correctly a rolled cone

Question asked by Nico Van Gils on May 30, 2012
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I have a question concerning design of a sheet metal cone.


I am having trouble to flatten out the cone correctly. SW gives an impossible shape to the unfolded part. (see example in attachment).


The cone is designed as followed:


- on front plane a construction line for centre and a sketch line for the the cone-shape.

- then a revolved boss/base around the centre line, rotation of 359,9° and thin feature.

- unfold with insert bend.


In my opinion this is the quickest and easiest way to form a cone.

SW help desk suggests to work with lofted bend, witch is much more complicated.


This is the MO I used working with SW2008, recently upgraded to SW2012SP3 and now there's a no go on this way of working.


The example is just a small part, usually the cone is a section of a multibody sheet metal part such as a cyclone, oven jet pipe, ...


Any one suggestions on another simple way of working?