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Altering a Toolbox Part

Question asked by Roger Faircloth on May 29, 2012
Latest reply on May 30, 2012 by Anthony Reznicek

Can someone please tell me how to alter a part that was generated from the toolbox.  For example, I create a piece of I-Beam of whatever dimensions.  Then I want to put holes thru the web for fasteners.  I have no problem accomplishing all of this, I've even tried saving it as a different file name.  Everything looks good on the part and even in the assembly at the time.  I can then close all of the files.  When I open the part file, my alterations are still there.  However, if I close the assembly file and reopen it, the toolbox part reverts back to the standard toolbox file name without the changes I've made (i.e. the holes).  How do you make these changes stick?