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SolidWorks_Beijing Yida Sifang Information Technology Co.,Ltd_Account Manager

Question asked by Miaomiao Jiang on May 28, 2012

Job Title:Cccount Manager


Company Introduction:

   Beijing Yida four party Information Technology Co., Ltd (Beijing Yida Sifang Information Technology Co., Ltd.) was established in 2004, the core team by CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM/RP business professionals, which is the only company in north American SolidWorks class A value-added distributor, the greater China area four A level one of value-added distributor.    

   Mainly to large state-owned enterprise, military industry, and the global top 500 enterprise in China to provide professional manufacturing information service, committed to the development of domestic has become the manufacture information unique advantages in the whole solution provider.

   Yida four party concentrating manufacturing informatization in the field of professional talents, advanced technology and the first-class products and service resources advantage, forming characteristic core competitive power, and in the developing gradually formed the three core business-product development, sales agent, advisory service, with "products + integrated + service" mode for the manufacturing industry enterprises to provide the digital design, manufacturing and management solutions, by shortening the time to the market, reduce errors occurred for enterprise save a lot of spending, promotes the enterprise the competitive ability.


Post Purpose:According to the relevant policies and standards, collect customer information, lead customers demand, and tap the sales opportunity, and customers to establish and maintain a good relationship of cooperation, achieve sales target.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Efficient and flexible to finished the sales task;
  • Collect customer information: in the company set the target area/industry, according to the ideal customer features selected target customer groups, on time to complete a week each customer information gathering;
  • To carry out actively strange customer visits, the use of superb communication skills, explore customer CBI, lead customers demand;
  • Use all kinds of sales skills and means understanding customer organization structure, persuade key people drive the project, create sales opportunities;
  • Formulate well-defined project action plan, coordinate technical team and related resources, use methods to drive the project progress on the users in the appropriate time use company and manufacturers of the resources of the visit;
  • According to the company's performance index in the interests of the company for business negotiations;
  • Ensure the smooth implementation of the contract and timely payment;
  • Coordinate to solve the customer's maintenance and service, and customers keep good relations of cooperation, timely and effectively provides the high quality for the customer the service to ensure customer satisfaction;
  • Attend the sales team weeks meeting, submit weekly work plan and summarized;
  • Timely flexible complete company the other tasks assigned by.


Position Requires:

  • College degree or above, mechanical, electrical and mechanical, electrical or related major;
  • Manufacturers sell qualification certificate;
  • Two years sales experience;
  • Master sales skills, familiar with CAD/CAM/CAE market;
  • Good communication and language ability, have extremely strong affinity and influence;
  • Has the good team cooperation spirit, with the good faith;
  • With strong executive power.


Working location: Beijing, tianjin, dalian and Qingdao.


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