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    Black Screen on New Part

    Philip Kelly

      Hello all,


      Just started a new job that previously had no form of CAD...all design is done by hand on paper still.  I have been using Solidworks 2011 then 2012 for the past few years in the defense industry, so decided to bring it in at the new position.  I just got the new computer and software, getting all my settings how I like it and have discovered an issue with the display when opening a new part.  When a new part, or assembly is created the screen starts off black.  Zooming does not help create the part view.  If the part is rotated, the black screen goes away and the view as would be expected.  The screenshot shows the black screen...I have zoomed as well as changed from iso-tri-dimetric views.  Rebuild also makes no difference.


      This will also happen when a part is opened, trying to change the view.  If I zoom the part disapeers, and when I rotate it comes back into normal view. 


      My gut tells me it is something to do with my graphics cars.  The 'computer guy' at this place didn't want to pony up the extra money for a pro graphics card he said.  I am running a AMD Radeon HD 6900 series card.  Intel i7 setup somehow to run 8 cores @ 3.4GHz.  Any suggestions on what to check or what to upgrade potentially?  Thanks for the help.





      Solidwokrs Part Screen.PNG