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Multi-location install questions

Question asked by Rusty Mahony on May 29, 2012
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The scenario:  We have a couple engineers in a remote office that we'd like to give access to SW here at our HQ.  The remote office is in an area with poor broadband options; best we can get there is adsl with latency near 200ms and varying speeds that max around 2Mbps.  We have 6 total licenses here at HQ and are only using 3-4 at a time so we have at least 2 licenses available at any given time.   We're running SW 2012 currently.  We have a point-to-point VPN between the two sites.



Can we "split" the current licenses between two license servers for performance purposes?


Can we have two vault data locations that we can sync (manually if necessary) so each location can have a local copy for performance purposes?


Would either or both of the above require that the two locations host separate installations of SW?


Anyone running a similar config that can shed some light on how to best handle slow connectivity between sites?


Thanks in advance.


Rusty Mahony

Technical Solutions Coordinator

CheckPoint Pumps & Systems