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Low Memory error in Simulation 2012 with 24GB Physical RAM

Question asked by Willy Duffle on May 27, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2012 by Chris Fernald

Hello All,


I am trying to run a structural simulation of an oilfield derrick in Solidworks 2012 Simualtion Pro and I get a Windows 7 error box that basically says I am low on memory and I need to shut down Solidworks. When I look to my little desktop gadget it shows I'm using 4.08 GB of physical RAM, same with windows performance monitor. Some of the fixes I've seen to these types of issues online are adding more RAM, switching to 64-bit Windows 7, increasing paging file size, etc. The problem is NOTHING I have found is applicable to my system, here are the specs:


HP Z800


     - Windows 7 x64 Pro

     - Xeon E5645 Six-core Processor

     - 24 GB Mushkin Silverline Triple Channel RAM

     - AMD 2GB V5900 Video Card

     - Intel 520 Series Cherryville 128GB SSD (OS & Programs)

     - Seagate ST1000 1TB Sata Drive (Storage)

     - Solidworks 2012 Premium SP3 w/ Simulation Pro


From the documentation I've found, Solidworks should be able to access up to 8 TB of memory on a 64-bit OS. I have my paging file OFF completely since there is no point using slower Virtual Memory when I have so much physical RAM available. Also, I tried moving the files I was using form my storage drive to the SSD and this made no difference. As long as I ignore the windows warning, Simulation will continue running, EXTREMELY slow and will never finish (I let it run for 12 hours one night and it stayed in the exact same spot). I have my mesh set to default and had less than 700k elements (I should think my hardware can handle much more detail). Oddly, while solidworks seems to grind to a halt, windows continues running perfectly showing no signs of memory shortage, even performance monitor never shows more than 4.08 GB of RAM being used.


This is extremely frustrating and any light someone could shed would be greatly appreciated. I have a machine that should be more than adequate to handle these simulations and it seems at this point that my expensive software is the weak point and is causing lots of wasted time I could be getting something accomplished. And if any VAR reps are reading this, YES I did try the official fix when Solidworks fails to perform correctly, repair install...didn't work. Then I did a COMPLETE uninstall and reinstall...didn't work.


Thanks in advance,