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Question asked by Don Cheke on May 27, 2012
Latest reply on May 28, 2012 by Don Cheke

I am trying to expand my SW education so I have been trying a bunch of features that my regular everyday work does not entail. To help with the learning I have been creating a radial engine and I am hoping to get it to simulate the motion one would see in a working model. So far things are coming along well. So far I can get the pistons working with the master rod, connecting rod and the crankshaft within the crank case.




I have created the forward half of the cam disk and I am trying to get the tappet to follow along while moving up and down in the tappet guide.




However, I get an error that I assume is keeping me from getting results.




Are my shapes keeping me from achieving this? If so, how do you think I should approach this?