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Revolve around an axis not in sketch plane?

Question asked by Thaddeus Johnson on May 25, 2012
Latest reply on May 29, 2012 by Robert Stupplebeen

I am attempting to revolve a reflector that will be mounted to an axle at a 45° angle.  I want to check the path of this reflector to ensure that it will not hit or come to close to anything else inside the enclosure it will be housed in. However when I attempt to use the "Revolve boss/Base" Or attatch a motor to it using the motion study I cannot get it to revolve around the axis of the axle.   Any help would be extremely appreciated!!!


In the attached image the ellipse is the reflector and the selected construction line is the axis of the axle.






**Edit: I have attached the assembly and part files in a .zip archive. The assembly file that you should open is called "Twin Otter Complete Geometry V003 19dec2011 help" and all needed part files should be in a folder named post. The motor should be easy to find and the flat reflector plate is shown in several different orientations. I would like to rotate the reflector plate around an extension of the motor axle as is shown by the dotted construction line.  This was done using Solidworks 2009 but I have access to versions up to 2012.  


Thank you very much for your help!


If this is still confusing I can attach further pictures illustrating my goal.