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    Unigraphics NX integration into Enterprise.

    Kris Hagen

      Have any companies had any luck integrating NX into Enterprise.  I find that Enterprise and NX dont talk to each other (no real surprise).  The major downfall that I see is that I cannot see which revision I am using in the NX Assembly tree.  Just wondering if anybody else had any luck.

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          Steve Ostrovsky

          Unless there's a 3rd party that has written an integration into NX, EPDM will not give you any information within the NX environment. You will be able to create references for parts/assemblies with into EPDM, but it will all be manual work.


          Doable, but I don't know how useful it will be in a production environment.

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            Peter Clark

            Hi Kris, I have integrated Solidworks and NX using Siemens Teamcenter, Seiemns offer a "MultiCAD" option but of course they tend to expect NX to be the lead CAD the intergration was not totally straight forward and involved a 3rd party company to help write the Solidworks integration software package. My client required some substantial changes to the out-of-the-box set up. The result was useable but one or two features that you normally get with Enterprise when managing Solidworks CAD were not supported, my client did not find this a problem. Depending on where you are located, if you go along this path I can put you in touch with the NX re-seller I worked with - they are in the Netherlands but the integration software was written by a US company.

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                Daniel Andersson

                Didn't you implement the SWIM integration package for Teamcenter / SolidWorks integration?


                Implement SWIM is mainly configuration as long as you are satisfied that you can not fully import boms from Teamcenter to Solidworks... and it should also be kept in mind that Teamcenter is a PLM software and not only PDM.


                I'm just curious for learning, what features did you not get compared to EPDM installation? I  have no personal experience with EPDM...

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                    Peter Clark

                    Yes Daniel, we activated the SWIM package - I had quite forgotten the hoops we had to jump through as there were some issues that needed specialist software manipulation. The NX data was a migration and not a clean new install the data had previously been managed in a large multi national company Teamcenter environment, this company had its own "special" configuration of TC that Siemens updated every two years. Due to the fact that the bulk of the Data was from the donor company, getting the standard Solidworks integration to work meant a lengthy discussion and preparation process where compromises had to be made - hence the specialist software company.


                    It may well be TC can manage NX and SW perfectly ok without all the hassle I went through but I am afraid I cannot offer any comments from personal experience.


                    PS. My client runs the current system with Solidworks as Lead CAD and I understand they intend to add Creo to the MultiCAD family.