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Getting the ball rolling on a Flow Simulation benchmark

Question asked by Chris Michalski on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2012 by Rich Bayless

In trying to justify a new system I ran a test to compare hyperthreading - on my system disabling hyperthreading only netted me a 2.4% improvement in solve time on a 1.6M cell thermal flow model with radiation and gravity (66,985sec vs 68634sec).


That being said, it would be easier to justify new hardware (and software) with a benckmark to compare.  I know that Anna Wood had previously volunteered to host the results alongside her other benchmark data.  Now we as Flow users just need to formulate a meaningful benchmark.


If someone wih more forum experience is willing to create a survey to tally the features most commonly used by intense Flow Simulation users or features that seem to be especially time intensive, I'll volunteer to help setup and configure a benchmark model.