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Locking Solidworks Custom Properties

Question asked by Aaron Kleyla on May 24, 2012
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2014 by Brady Ward



We are in the process of implementing ePDM at our facility.  We are focusing on our Standard 3D model workflow currently.  I have a data card with a large variety of variables to satisfy a large variety of components.  All of these variables are mapped to Custom Properties within the Solidworks model.


Here is my issue.  When files are in a read/write state, there is nothing stopping a user from changing the Custom Properties within the solidworks file.  Several of the variables are fed from Lists as well as SQL databases.  If a user changes a value in the Solidworks file, it overwrites what was on the data card.  This could negatively affect the ability to search for this file in the future, as well as affect how our files flow within our folder structure.  


Here is my question, is there a way to allow data to flow in one direction?  Can I allow data to flow from my data card into the soliworks custom properties but not allow changes from custom properties to affect my data card?  Or is there a way to make Custom Properties Read-Only all the time?


Any thoughts would be appreciated.  I do not have high hopes for solving this issue.  I believe it will have to come down to a training topic.



Aaron K