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Transient Flow Simulation

Question asked by Kelvin RCdBbW9yZQ== on May 24, 2012
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Hi, we are trying to do a transient flow simulation on a turbo exhaust manifold.

At the moment we have the volumetric flow rate which changes over a period of time. We are trying to place these as inlet flow openings having a table dependency on the four exhaust ports.

Unfortunately when we try to simulate this through the flow trajectories we seem to get odd numbers, and the flow rate does not seem to change over the period of time even though we added the table dependency on the boundary condition of the inlet flow opening of the volumetric flow rate on the exhaust port.

We were wondering why this is so, or what we are doing wrong and how to remedy this. A sample table is placed below:



time                 Flowrate


.... .... .... ... ... ... ... ... ..

... ... ... ... ... .



We used a flow rate of 0.0000001 as solid works will not allow us to use a 0 flow rate (which should be the theoretical flow rate when no exhaust is coming through the manifold port). And then at 0.029 seconds the flow rate should increase to 0.0536 but when watching the flow trajectory it does not seem to change at all, and seems to always use the 0.0000001 value instead.

Thanks for any help you can give us with this, it will very much be appreciated