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    Failed to save an Auto-Recovered file

    Ryan Bellman

      SolidWorks crashed overnight for some reason, and when I restarted it this morning, there were several files in the document recovery. I am able to open them, but when I attempt to save them, I get the good old "Failed to Save" dialog. I have rebuilt all configurations of all parts an assemblies included that were auto-recovered to no avail. The files include an assembly and a few files that are in that assembly. All files are locally stored, as are the recovered files. Neither save for save as work. This is on SolidWorks 2012 x64 SP1.0 in Vista with a very high-end machine built specifically for Solidworks (12GB, core i7, nVidia Quadro 2000D). I have seen this before, but not consistently. Anyone have any insight?