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Can exploded views be created and saved in eDrawings or any other viewer?

Question asked by Katrina Lisk on May 23, 2012
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I have recently been hired as a technical writer/illustrator for a company that hasn't previously employed a permanent person in this role. The best way for me to create the documents they want would be to use SolidWorks to create exploded views and export them as either .pdf or .dxf to be able to manipulate as vector drawings in Adobe Illustrator. My company would like to avoid buying an additional license for me so my question is:


Is there a way in eDrawings (or is there another viewer) that I can manipulate existing assemblies to create exploded views and save them as .pdf or .dxf? I don't need to be able to create or publish drawings, just views to use in illustrator. This option would not need to be free, just less expensive than a SolidWorks license.


Thanks for any advice you can give!