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Mulitple Consecutive Loading-Unloading, Each @ Diff. Point on Beam?

Question asked by Blake Rudy on May 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 25, 2012 by Blake Rudy

Plastic deformation analysis of a beam subjecty to multiple consecutive loading-unloadings, each at a different load point. 


I have a beam which is subject to five different loads each one being applied at a different point along the beam and each occuring (loading-unloading) consecutively, such that load number one at point number 1 occurs and subsides prior to load number two which occurs at point number two and subsides prior to load number three at point number three, and so on through to load number five at point number five.


I've tried creating five loading curves, one for each load/load point each spanning 5 seconds such that the first loading-unloading occurse during the first 1 second interval, the next during the second 1 second interval, and so on through to the fifth.  So each time history is different, but each spans the same 5 seconds and includes a factor for each time step.  When I try to tun this, I get the error that different time curves are not allowed on the same component (something to that effect).  So I end up have to restart five separate times in order to complete the analysis, which makes it impossible to run the analysis overnight. 


Anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get it to run in a single set?  Once we have the design refined, I'll need to refine the mesh such that each load set may require hours to run.