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    Running Solidworks with a 7970M?

    Gerhard Oosthuizen

      Hi everyone,


      I'm using Solidworks 2011 through my engineering course at uni and I'm planning on getting a new laptop, so I just wanted to ask a few questions.


      - How will a 7970M (or AMD gaming cards in general) run the program? (A lot of people on computer forums don't know so I though I'd ask here)


      - How much effect does RAM have on performance? Will upgrading from 8 to 16GB be a noticable improvement?


      - Has anyone had experience running ANSYS (Solidworks simulation might be similar?) , and could my propsed laptop handle that too?


      - Finally, if I run the i7 Ivy Bridge 2.3GHz (3.3Ghz turbo) CPU, what will bottleneck Solidworks?


      Any help would be greatly appreciated. The laptop I'm looking at is around $2000 so I really want to make sure I get it right.

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          Jerry Steiger



          You will get different answers from different people about the gaming cards. Some people believe that the CAD cards are a pure ripoff and totally unneeded. Some people believe that not using a professional card is always going to cause problems. My take is that gaming cards can cause problems, but they can often work well enough, espeically for people who are tolerant of their possible weaknesses.


          RAM only affects performance when your models or simulations are big enough to use up all of the available RAM. If you work with reasonably sized files and simulations, then you probably won't notice any difference at all between 8 and 16 GB. On the other hand, if you do manage to fill up your RAM, then you will see a big decline in performance. Watch your RAM usage on your existing machine to get an idea of where you fall on the sprectrum.


          I would not expect a laptop to run ANSYS or SolidWorks Simulation very quickly.


          Check in the Administration forum for the CPU and hardware performance. Folks like Anna Wood and Charles Culp keep an eye on the best hardware and may already answered your question.Do some searches on i7 or Ivy Bridge. Look at the threads on recommended systems. You might want to move this question to that forum.


          Jerry Steiger