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Inserting a Bitmap into a drawing (problems now i have adobe CS5.5)

Question asked by Dean Flowers on May 22, 2012

Hi ive had adobe illustrator installed on my system for a while and could export a bmp file from illustrator and drop it into a drawing no problem exactly the same size (dimensionally).


but now i have put the full CS5.5 adobe suite on the system all pictures files (irrelevant of type) are coming in as a thumbnail.  I noticed the thumbnail had PS on it for photshop so when i double clicked it photoshop would open to edit the image.  I then went back to the BMP file on the desktop and changed the default program back to windows photo viewer hoping this would solve the problem.  Unfortunately it didnt but the thumbnail no longer displays with PS written on it and when double clicked wants to open in photo viewer.

I also tried it with the default program as paint.


I have tried inserting a image that i know used to work that was originally created in illustrator before i installed CS5.5 but this no longer works either.


I can insert the bmp file into word then copy and paste into a drawing but i loose the resolution so this doesnt help me


As a side note on both my current work system, my old work system and my home system i could never insert a JPEG, only a thumbnail of the JPEG.


Any help would be great thanks