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I need help learning how to fix errors.

Question asked by Nathan Rollins on May 21, 2012
Latest reply on May 22, 2012 by Nathan Rollins

I just don't understand...  Here is what I feel should be a very common situation:


A sketch loses a reference due to some upstream change - it happens every day.  Let's say it is a "convert entity".  It was an edge of a boss and now there's a draft on the face and the edge is gone - or something like that.  Follow?


So, let's say a sketch that is a path of a sweep was "converted from the edge" that is now gone.  The sweep fails and the sketch for the path has the olive green relations signifying a dangling converted edge.


Isn't there a way to find out what that converted edge was converted from?


No - of course not.  It isn't there anymore.  OK - I understand that.  And I am OK with that.


So, I open a Backup version of the part and roll back to the failed feature (which is not failed in the back-up model) to interogate it and learn what it USED to be tied to.  Then I can confidently replace the references with an equivalent edge.


But, I cannot seem to find out what the parent EDGE was for the particular dangling converted entity.


I can learn the parents of the feature, but the parent/child dialog does not tell me if the edge was a solid edge or a sketched edge.


I can learn that the dangling relation was defined in the same model (that narrows it down) and even that it was referencing Arc2.  But WTH is "Arc2"?  How can I find out what feature Arc2 belongs to?  Or how can I at least highlight Arc2 in the geometry?


Please - one of you gurus must know the secret.  Share it with me?  I cannot believe that you spend (waste) time rebulding models because of a minor change high up in the tree.  I feel like I am missing something fundamental here - but I guess maybe it is just one of those things? 


Thanks - I hope.