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FOS clarification on sfatey check analysis of connectors

Question asked by Vijayendra Srinivasa Rao on May 21, 2012



I am doing safety check analysis on the connector bolts which are supporting the below shown assembly.


Bracket Assy with Horn Antenna.JPG

The above assembly is fixed at the end and the entire assembly is hanging with its own weight (Mass of Assembly is 3.5 to 4Kg) under gravity.


I have conducted the simulation under gravity loading condition to perform the safety check on connectors which are supporting the assembly.

The Factor of Safety obtained on each bolt connector from the software is 1.5 to 1.8.


Here I need some clarification regarding the FOS obtained from the software. In reality the 1/4-20 Hexagonal bolt has more strength to withstand under high loading conditions.

In general higher the loading condition lower will be the FOS on each fasteners. But in this situation there is only gravity load is applying on the whole Assembly due to its own mass.


Can anyone please give some feedback under the above case will I have to expect Higher FOS value on each bolt or the result which I have obtained from the software is acceptable(which is FOS=1.5 to 1.8)?