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Basin wrench  SW Simulation

Question asked by Ozgur Akkas on May 19, 2012
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I created a basin wrench geometry in SolidWorks and I am trying to obtain FEA results using SolidWorks simulation. I am in a big trouble with a pin connecting two parts together. I keep getting very large stress results. I defined the restrain and the force. Then I proceeded to create conctact sets. First, I used 'no penetration' and to get rid of a re-entrant corner I used a 1mm fillet and selected curvature based meshing with a mesh control at the surface of the dome and the pin. The location of the maximum stress is on the not on the pin, as I expected it would be there, but it is on the surface of the dome . The pin and the hollow section of the dome is consentric. When I apply 100 N load on the end of the handle , it must be creating some moment about the pin. I am suspecting that this pin is then pushing onto dome's inner cylinder walls. I keep getting high stress results. I inspected the mesh and it seems distorted in the region of high stress on the dome. If you can give me your feedback, I will really appreciate it. If you need more clerification from me, please ask me.  I attached picture of the basin wrench.