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New to SolidWorks: Weldment on part level

Question asked by Stian Jenssen on May 20, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 25, 2012 by Alin Vargatu

I have been using Autodesk Inventor for several years now, and is switching to SolidWorks as decided by the companty I work for. Basically, I think the applications are quite similar, but there are a couple of things that doesn't seem logic too me right now. One of them is the weldment feature in SolidWorks. On part level, I can add a weldment, but on assembly level I can only choose "weld bead". I'm used to model several parts, then weld them together in an assembly. This also makes sense with regards to fabrication, where they make the parts first, and then weld them together. Why is the weldment feature on parts level in SolidWorks? If someone knows an article explaining this, I would appriciate it. I have also problems understanding why it is possible to create an entire part with structural profiles, in Inventor each profile is a separate part. In real life these are also separate parts, welded together with other parts. Seems very strange to me right now